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Peace of mind

Wedding photography carries a huge responsibility.
Do you have a system in place if you are unable to attend a wedding you are due to shoot?
Maybe you have a few photographers who you would call around and ask? What if they were all unavailable?
With The Wedding Search, In two clicks you can search through hundreds of photographers and find out instantly who is available to cover your clients wedding. You can then send this information to your client direct from our website, so they can then select who they would like to cover their wedding.

Find great assistants & second photographers

Finding the perfect assistant or second photographer to work for you is never easy. Our website searches hundreds of photographers who have availability on the correct date and are happy to assist other photographers. You can then browse the photographers' profiles and email the photographers who catch your eye, all at once saving you valuable time.

Great referrals

Great photographers receive lots of enquiries each and every week. When already booked for a wedding date all the photographers at The Wedding Search love to refer to these leads to each other. With our relevant photographers system your details are sent to brides who would love to find you. We also send you a little email to let you know which dates your details have been forwarded for.

Relevant photographers to refer to

Received an enquiry and you're already booked for that day? In seconds you can refer direct from our website to several photographers who are available on that day. We match results closely to your profile so that you can refer photographers that are consistent with your client base. How else can you benefit by referring your enquiries? The more you refer to other photographers at The Wedding Search, the higher you come in results for when you are available.